We provide services to three types of customers:


We provide business and technology leadership, often acting like your temporary CTO/CMO. We assist you by dedicating a core team of specialists who possess a rich mix of technology expertise, business management, sales and marketing, and financial and operational expertise to help Founders turn their vision into a reality. We apply Lean Startup and Agile methodologies to ensure your vision and ideas can be rapidly tested, measured and validated so you quickly discover the path to mass market acceptance. We provide a holistic approach that ensures you don’t waste time, money and resources on non-core objectives at your earliest stage. Specifically, we assist Startups to do the following:

  • Assist Founders to figure out and clarify the problems that need to be solved
  • Quickly develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and rapidly iterate to drive a continuous feedback loop with innovators and early adopters
  • Guide you to a practical, process-based approach to test, measure and validate your vision and business model assumptions
  • Help you identify when and how to pivot, and make the changes necessary to decide when to persevere and grow a business with maximum acceleration
  • Guide you in preserving cash and managing your “burn rate” until you have acquired customers who will pay for your products and services
  • Take a practical, principled approach to new product development
  • Gain access to investment capital from top tier Private Equity and Venture Capital partners

SME Firms

We focus on small and medium-size companies because we understand that bigger software outsourcers will not likely give smaller projects the priority you need and will frequently allocate less qualified and experienced resources to your project. At GSPD we take the opposite approach. We only employ and assign highly qualified people with the right skills demanded by your project. We work on the principles of partnership, value and innovation combined with our proven project methodology that ensures we deliver a significant impact on our client company’s business performance and future evolution. Our high rate of customer retention is due to our excellence in clear communication and a proven record of consistently delivering on time and within budget. The type of services we provide to medium size companies include:

  • Input into your business case to help you determine the suitability for outsourcing your application
  • Assistance in structuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) early in the process of design specification development to give you the confidence that outcomes will drive business goals
  • Apply our framework to assist you to build your Application Specification that covers every aspect of the solution to ensure there are no dark spots left in your specification and all requirements have been collected. Our framework is designed to minimize errors in communication and to clarify customer expectations.
  • Transparent costing and scheduling built up front with milestones and deliverables clearly formulated
  • A committed single point of contact for your project
  • Provide immediate notification of any problems, deviations or updates

Software Due Diligence

As part of the normal process of an investor’s holistic company due diligence, we perform code assessments to identify current and future risks that might prove to undermine the value of an investment. Our assessment service can address both the code and the software team. Code reviews are conducted by manual or automated inspection, sometimes both.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors need to be certain that a software product can support the business in which they choose to make an investment. Below, the list covers the services we provide:

Software Architecture, Scalability, & Extensibility

Performed by experienced GSPD software architects to look for risks associated with how software was designed and developed. Our assessment will cover implications that include:

  • suitability of software architecture models (i.e. single-tier vs. multi-tier architecture)
  • the ability of the architecture to vertically and/or horizontally scale
  • use of the latest technology stacks
  • the platform's ability to scale due to growth in user adoption or expansion in functionality
  • capability to integrate with partner platform software

Third Party Platform Exposure and Risks

Assessment of dependencies on third party software and where tight integration with a third party platform is required, we might conduct conversations with the technology partner.

Information Security Assessment

Assessment of the capability covering security architecture including sources of both internal and external threats, encryption paradigms, data in storage and data in use, network and application penetration vulnerabilities as well as the capability to comply with industry standards.

Intellectual Property Valuation

An objective assessment of whether the software can support expectations of investors and perform as a financial asset. This may include various levels of code review and interviews with the development team. An appraisement of value can be determined by factoring the cost of development.

Open Source Licensing Exposure and Risks

An assessment to identify and remediate open source risks so you can be sure that you will receive the best value on a software asset and not be subject to any limitations for its use in a proprietary product.